Solar and wind could provide the same power as gas at a fraction of the cost, saving Michigan customers hundreds of millions of dollars. So why is DTE planning to move Michigan backwards?

DTE wants to build a $1B natural-gas plant in East China Township.

A closer look at this plan shows that DTE can do better. The plant will cost customers much more than using clean renewable energy like wind and solar. Additionally, using wind and solar power will create more jobs–not only in the construction phase but as permanent opportunities for Michigan workers. Wind and solar are better for public health and for the health of the planet. Unfortunately, DTE’s current plan seems designed to benefit its shareholders, at the expense of its customers and Michigan citizens.

DTE’s natural-gas plant demonstrates backwards, last-century thinking, and ignores cutting edge technologies that would be better for our economy and environment. The good news? We can work together to convince DTE and state regulators to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better plan. But only if we act now.

DTE’s gas plant is…

A Waste of Money

Solar and wind could provide the same power at a significantly lower cost to DTE customers. Using solar and wind to power the grid instead would save customers nearly $1.2 billion.

A Missed Opportunity For Job Creation

Renewables would put more people to work building, installing and maintaining clean energy projects.

A Failure of Innovation

Adding more fossil fuels to the energy mix is an outdated and inefficient substitute. The vast majority of voters support transitioning to a modern, clean electric grid with wind and solar.

A Bad Bet for Michigan’s Future

Michigan is turning a corner to align our economy with the demands of the 21st century. We are ready to lead, but this plan will keep Michigan mired in the past.

We can change this!

Instead of prioritizing a short-term profit for shareholders, what if DTE could help expand the state’s economy and place Michigan at the forefront of our country’s clean energy cultivation? They can! Exploring the impact replacing gas with solar, wind, and energy efficiency is a tremendous step forward in that direction. Talk about good corporate citizenship! As for the benefits of pursuing clean energy? Well…

What Clean Energy Means for


Pursuing clean energy programs would enable DTE to create ten times more construction jobs and four times more permanent jobs than its current gas plant plan.

What Clean Energy Means for

customer savings

Using solar and wind energy instead of gas to power the grid has the potential to save DTE customers up to $1.2 billion.

What Clean Energy Means for

the environment

Solar is the cleanest source of energy on the planet.

 Detroit News
Green groups oppose DTE natural gas plant


They argue relying more on solar and wind power and energy efficiency is less expensive and wouldn’t pollute communities.

 Energy News Network
Critics question need for DTE’s proposed $1 billion natural gas plant


Clean energy advocates want regulators to wait for long-range plan before approving DTE natural gas plant proposal.

 Michigan Radio
As utilities phase out coal, debate over natural gas production heats up.

The company wants to build a $1-billion natural gas plant in East China Township in St. Clair County on a site where it currently operates a coal-burning power plant. Environmental groups oppose the plan.

Michigan Radio’s Tracy Samilton joins Doug Tribou to discuss the issues during this time of transition for the energy industry.

 Crains Detroit Business
DTE gets pushback on new power plant

Opponents argue that DTE underestimated the future price of natural gas and failed to price out renewable energy resources and other electricity demand reduction strategies.

 Detroit News
Column: Renewables beat natural gas

A recent analysis by BW Research Partnership concluded that an energy portfolio of solar, wind and efficiency could supply Michiganians with just as much electricity as DTE’s proposed natural gas plant, while creating 10 times more construction jobs and four times more permanent jobs along the way.

 Energy News Network
Michigan utility’s gas plant, pipeline plans pose conflict of interest, critics say

DTE Energy wants to build a natural gas plant near Detroit that could become a customer of a pipeline co-owned by one of its affiliated companies.

 Michigan Radio
What Will Replace Coal?

Even utilities are dumping coal. In Michigan, DTE Energy wants to shut down three coal-burning power plants and replace them with a billion dollar natural gas plant.

But environmentalists think there’s a better way.

 Detroit News
Column: Diversify state’s energy plans
Rather than saddle ratepayers with the long-term and unpredictable cost of a new natural gas plant, DTE should consider alternative options, including renewable energy projects like large-scale solar and even transmission solutions.