Find a Solar Celebration

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Join Vote Solar and the Power Up Michigan Coalition this summer for Solar Celebrations.

Learn about solar in your community, tour a local installation with your neighbors and fellow community members, and find out how you can get involved to bring more sun power to Michigan.

What do Michigan churches, breweries, schools, and households have in common?
They’re all going solar.

More than 11,000 Michiganders now work in solar and renewable energy. Sunshine is an increasingly mainstream energy resource nationwide, and for good reason: solar lowers electric bills, gives people the freedom to take control of their own energy needs, and reduces toxic air pollution from burning coal and gas.

Want to learn more? Come join us for a series of solar celebrations to hear from Michigan businesses, homeowners, churches and others who already benefit from solar. Have a bite, see the solar installation, ask questions, and discuss how we can work together to expand solar access in Michigan. Find events near you:

September 16 - Lawrence

Residence of Art Toy | Lawrence, MI

Art is president of local renewable energy company Four Elements Energy and powers his own home here in Lawrence with solar energy. He also has 13 years of military leadership experience and understands the importance of solar energy to our national security, our local economy and the world that we are leaving to our children. Thank you, Art, for hosting us at your home!

September 18 - Warren

Electrical Industry Training Center | Warren, MI

The Detroit JATC-Electrical Industry Training Center is solely focused on producing the most experienced, skilled and productive electricians in the world. They’ve been educating the electricians and contractors for over 100 years right here in Southeastern Michigan, and today the curriculum includes hands-on classes for solar installation. Come see the facility’s solar array in action at our solar celebration!

September 20 - Kalamazoo

Arcadia Brewery | Kalamazoo, MI

Arcadia Brewing is more than just good beer; they are committed to making a commitment to their local environment and their community mean good business. In 2016, the brewery added a solar energy system with enough panels to meet 25% of their power needs. Join your neighbors at their brewery on the Kalamazoo waterfront for a day of solar fun and learning. Thanks, Arcadia for hosting us!

September 30 - Haslett

Haslett Community Church | Haslett, MI

Viewing environmental stewardship as a key part of their faith, the Haslett Community Church went solar to be good stewards themselves and to show their broader community what’s possible when it comes to clean energy. The array was designed to generate about two-thirds of the energy the church uses annually and save an estimated $3,000 a year in our energy costs. Join your neighbors and come see the Haslett Community Church’s solar array in action!

October 9 - Livonia

Madonna University | Livonia, MI

Hundreds of solar panels atop the Madonna University’s Franciscan Center help power the campus and provide students with an important real-world learning opportunity in the University’s larger sustainability program. Come see the University’s solar installation in action for yourself and learn more about Michigan’s solar opportunity at our fun-filled solar celebration.

October 11 - West Bloomfield

West Bloomfield High School | West Bloomfield, MI

Students and their teachers and supporters are celebrating the brand new 20 kW solar system to power their science department. Come see the school’s solar installation in action and learn more about Michigan’s solar opportunity at our fun-filled solar celebration.

October 14 - St. Joseph

Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship | St. Joseph, MI

The Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has installed a solar electric system to generate most of the electricity that the small fellowship needs to operate. For church leaders, the 6.2 kilowatt ground mounted system provided an exciting opportunity to have a tangible demonstration of the Fellowship’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Come see the church’s solar system in action!