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ecology center

Generating clean energy with rooftop solar promotes cleaner air and healthier communities while giving residents a way to reduce their electricity bills. Big utility companies like DTE Energy should give Michigan residents and businesses a fair deal for the energy they generate and provide back to the grid. We need policies that give Michiganders more opportunities to lower their electricity bills and reduce pollution by generating clean, renewable energy, not less.

Alexis Blizman

Legislative & Policy Director, Ecology Center

Environmental Law & Policy Center

Environment Michigan

DTE’s new rate filing raises rates for people, throws up roadblocks for our communities like Ypsilanti showing leadership in solar, and would all but end families investing in solar by charging unfair fees and paying a unfair price for energy put back on the grid. It’s time the PSC got serious about holding DTE accountable.

Nathan Murphy

Director, Environment Michigan

MI Air MI Health

Solar power generates emissions-free energy, which is good for air quality, the health of Michiganders, our Great Lakes and our planet. Michigan residents who generate clean energy through rooftop solar should not be punished with unfair costs and fees. We should be encouraging healthy means of energy production- not creating roadblocks!

Kindra Weid, RN, MPH

Coalition Coordinator, MI Air MI Health

Michigan Environmental Council

Michigan League of Conservation Voters

Michiganders who choose to invest in rooftop solar should get a fair rate for the clean energy they generate. Instead, at time when DTE Energy is making incredible profits, they are trying to stick the little guy – Michigan families and SMALL businesses with unnecessary costs – that would make rooftop solar unaffordable. We urge lawmakers to support policies that allow residents to lower their electricity bills, reduce pollution and protect our air and water.

Nick Occhipinti

Government Affairs Director, Michigan League of Conservation Voters

sierra club

Union of Concerned Scientists

Solar power is among the cheapest sources of energy and it generates no pollution. We have the technology and know-how to build solar power throughout our communities and put Michiganders in charge of their own energy future. Michigan needs policies now that will move us towards an electric grid that’s modern, clean, and affordable.

J.C. Kibbey

Midwest Outreach and Policy Advocate, Union of Concerned Scientists